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January 28, 2022, at 8:48 pm

The Theory of Miracles

Death is a relentless pursuer, always just one step behind us, some can out run him longer, others are not so lucky.
A woman mourns the loss of her sister who died of cancer at a young age. A man anguishes over the death of his friend who was killed in a one car accident. A father looks for answers as to why his daughter was stabbed to death for no apparent reason. Each asks themselves, and looks to heaven asking what happened , where was their miracle.
A grandmother’s car is hit head on by another vehicle that ends up passing through her car leaving her unharmed. Another woman relays a similar story of another car striking the car she was a passenger in from the rear and passing through it leaving all persons in both cars unharmed.
A car blows through an intersection striking the other car broad sided, but passes through the other car leaving its inhabitants unharmed. In all these cases everyone involved should have been killed, but the weren’t . In the last incident the Arch Angel Metatron was sitting in the back seat of the car.
The news is filled with stories of tragic deaths and amazing cases of survival, many against all odds. The question is why some were able to out run death, and others were not so lucky. It cannot be because those who survived were more religious or loved God more than those who did not, it has to be something else.
Before we get down on God, and trash our religious beliefs, those who death caught, only lost their physical being, they did not die, their souls or as they prefer to call themselves their spirits are immortal. They cannot die. Therefore, God did not abandon them, eventually he will give the spirit a new body and the process of life will go on.
But, what about the lucky ones who out ran death this time. We still ask the question, why. Could it be that somewhere down the road of time they or someone through them , or someone influenced by them, will play a part in something God has planned to occur. The event could take place a year from now or a thousand years from now. Time is meaningless to God, he has an infinite amount of time on his hands, we unfortunately do not. Our ability to look back in the chain of events is limited to our own life time. So in effect we really have no idea what role we will play and why we are playing it.
Does this mean we should throw up our hands and just roll with the dice as it drops on the table. The obvious answer is no. We need to continue to live our lives as best as we can. Nor does this mean we should forsake our religious beliefs and take a fatalistic view of life.
Just because some of us are destined to play a part in a time line that we have no idea we are participating in, nor what will be the end result of our participation, we must all hope for a better tomorrow, and play our part toward that end.
After all this is just a theory.

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