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Released 06/27/2020.
Re-released in 2021 - Published by Midnight Blue Publishers, LTD. with KDP, Amazon Books.
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About Conversations with the Dead, the Secret of all Things

Conversations with the Dead, the Secret of all Things, is a non-fiction book, that explores the author’s connection with a 17-year-old woman who was brutally murdered in 1963 and who’s very existence was erased by her murders. The book begins as an investigation into the woman’s murder by the author, but then takes a 180 degree turn into the shadowy world of spirits, life after death, reincarnation, heaven, hell, post-life-regression and interaction with angels and God.

In the book the murdered woman speaks directly to the reader as she has a conversation with the author and one other person, with no topic being off-limits. To say the book is unique is an understatement. Nothing will ever be the same once you have read the book.

There is Life after Death

Much of what you may believe about life, death, and the afterlife may be skewed by a dogmatic world view. Once you’ve interacted with spirits and have had your own personal interaction with angels, your point of view may change.

The book touches on past life regression and the first-hand account of the author. Get your copy today.