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January 10, 2022, at 8:11 pm

Past life regression or is it?

I am going suggest a totally different approach to psychology and the roll of the subconscious, it does not exist.
The entire theory of psychology rests on the principle that the brain is composed of and functions on different levels. This may be in error and what we are really seeing are two separate and distinct entities operating in a symbiotic relationship.
If we accept the fact that at birth each human is infused with a spirit (some call the soul) and a spark of the common soul for life than what you are looking at is not a single life form but actually two life forms together operating as one.
The brain like the rest of your organs is made of living tissue, and at some point in time it will fail and the human part of the equation will die. The spirit is immortal and will live on.
Think of the brain as day to day operating memory and the spirit as stored or long term memory. Starts to sound like your computer . The comparison is a valid one and sheds light on what is really going on in us.
When the doctors of phycology talk about the subconscious have they really tapped into the memory of the spirit and not the brain. Remembering that the brain joins the body in the grave when it dies. Therefore all that you are and were is in the other entity the spirit.
Past life regression works not because they are talking with your brain but through hypnosis they have found a way to access the spirit’s memory and they have unwittingly opened a door to another world, that of the spirits.
It is an interesting theory that explains how past life regression really works.

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