Meet the Author

Marshal Morris, born and raised in Illinois, is an appellate attorney practicing in the area of marital law for 48 years and as an author, has written the non-fiction book, “Conversations with the Dead, the Secret of all Things.” The book is a non-stop ride through the land of the dead, in which the author searches for the truth about a young women’s murder, and eventually ends up talking with her about her death and everything else that you always wanted to know. In the end you will come away with a different perspective on life, death and who you are. Marshal’s style of writing can best be described as informal and conversational, in which the reader is made to feel that Marshal is talking directly to the reader, one on one. Marshal’s approach to writing, creates a book in which the reader finds he or she cannot put the book down until they come to the end. The author uses his investigative skills and writes a book that is unlike anything you will ever read.