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December 27, 2022, at 2:51 pm

Because of the season, it seems like a good time to discuss the topic of miracles.

One car with a driver and her daughter are driving through an intersection when suddenly a second car runs the light at high speed and hits the car with the two women and crashes into it broad sides. But instead of destroying their car and resulting in almost certain death for the two women the offending car passes through their car as if nothing had happened. In the back seat of the women’s car is an Angel laughing at the stunt he just pulled off.

This raises the question how did he pull it off. Even angels are bound by the law of Physics. Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. That is an unassailable fact for those of you who slept during your physics class.

The Angel bent time and space and in the process he pushed the offending car into another dimension. Which allowed the offending car to pass around the women’s car instead of crushing it.

But where is this other dimension and what is in it. That is the question. The answer could be a worm hole in the fabric of time and space.

the second question – is why would an angel intervene in a car accident about to happen.

This is actually an easier question to answer than where did the offending car go. One of the women in the car had a function to perform that was part of an event that was to happen in the future.

Something she was to do or influence was part of a time line and if she died in that car accident the timeline would unravel. She had to be saved so that the time line would eventually take place.

The driver of the innocent car had a role to play in the future.
So what would appear on the surface
As a miracle was really an Angel protecting the time line. It did not matter what her religious beliefs were or what kind of person she was, the Angel was going to protect the time line.

That is why some people get what they believe is a miracle when really they are a piece on the chess board of life playing a part in some Devine combination of events to come.

Welcome to the game.

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