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November 15, 2022, at 4:29 pm

Something to think about…

Good friends that stand the test of time.

Today at around 7:00 pm I decided to call it quits for the day. I hit the garage door button and raised the door to pull my car out. Once my car had cleared the garage door I picked up the garage door opener and pressed the button to bring the door down. Then nothing. No matter how many time I pressed the button the door defiantly stayed open. This made no sense at all because I had replaced the batteries in the controller last week. Yet even after moving my car almost on top of the garage door, nothing. At this point I gave up, put the controller down on the center console and asked Naomi if she could please bring the door down. Just then ever so slowly the door began to close, as if someone was manually letting down the garage door. Little by little the door made its downward decent until finally it came to rest on the garage floor and closed shut.

I thanked Naomi for closing the garage door and left.

Naomi and I were both in Jerusalem 1952 years ago and had a very close relationship back then, so I guess you can safely say we go back a long way. After 2,000 years you get a pretty good idea who your friends are, and who you can count on, even if it is only to close your garage door.

For the record:
Naomi was murdered by the Roman Legions when the city fell in 70 ad, but thankfully her immortal spirit lives on.

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