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February 6, 2022, at 1:22 pm
The face of God, a tale of two cities.
When I contemplated posting the post “the face of God” I thought about what would be the response. I really had no choice in the matter because to understand what was going on in the book I had to write about the visitation and then if I was posting excerpts from the book then things that I said would not make sense without this missing piece of the puzzle. Therefore, for better or worse I put it out there.
I am fond of a saying that I coined a phrase 70 years ago, which in its condensed form says if you put two people in a room together and ask them a serious question you will get three different answers. Such was the case from this post.
On one end of the spectrum we’re those who were not quite sure exactly what was going on but we’re happy to know that God exits.
On the other end of the spectrum we’re the skeptics Whose comments ran from you are lying to you are supposed to be dead if you saw God. Well I did see him and I am not dead. He came to see me not the other way around and if I died would that not have a negative effect on why he came. That thought seems to have alluded the skeptics as was the simple fact who makes the rules
You or God. The answer though simple enough seemed to have left the room.
Then came the questions from the third group who were missing in action when they should have spent the time to read what they were criticizing. My favorite question was what color was gods red eyes. There is not much I can say about that question.
The question that was never raised and is the one I am most concerned about is , why now are all these things being revealed. 13,900 people saw this post in this group and millions saw it as a sharing post but no one ventured to ask that question.
Why now?
That my friends is the question that everyone better start asking, because it effects all of us, the believer and the skeptic.
The book reveals secrets and gives answers to questions for which civilizations have grappled with since the beginning of time.
But the question remains why tell us these things now.
A good question don’t you think, worthy of some serious thought.

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