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February 1, 2022, at 8:59 pm

In 1958…

while living in my parent’s house I was visited late one night by a very old ancient looking man dressed in middle eastern hooded garb that ran from the top of his head to a few inches above the floor. He carried an old looking staff that he planted on the floor of my bedroom with each step he took. His eyes were not like our eyes they were a bright red, like looking into a nuclear reactor. When he came to a few feet of me he took his staff and tapped my chin. All the while I kept asking my ancient visitor what he wanted, but to me he said nothing. At the same time his staff touched the bottom of my chin in a reflex reaction I grabbed his staff, and it was there. As we looked into each other’s eyes I could feel him peering into my very being. Finally I released his staff and he pulled back his staff and exited my room just as he had come, in silence.
Then things changed. I had acquired memories of Jerusalem and fighting the Roman legions as they attempted to destroy the city. I knew my name, my best friends name, my wife’s and the name of the women I took up with after my wife was killed. But I also had memories of the tunnel system under the city and the Ark of the Covenant. The memories I had acquired were not my memories, they belonged to someone named Moshe. A warrior who hated the Romans with a vengeance and together with his best friend Jonathan put a significant number of them to the sword. Moshe and Jonathan were according to these memories the last persons to see the Ark of the Covenant because they were involved in hiding it. For 58 years I had no idea who it was who came to see me and why. Then in 2016 the spirit Veronica brought myself and another together to talk with her. She said she had been sent back by god on a mission. During our conversation she blurted out that the master had come to see me one night. His name in heaven was the master but you know him as God. She then proceeded to describe my midnight visitor . Now that I had finally learned who come to see me I still had the dilemma of why would God come to see a 12 year old boy in the middle of night, surely he wasn’t just walking around the area and decided to drop in because he was bored. There had to be a reason .
Yet I still was a bit skeptical. It was later that the spirit Naomi, also sent back by God from 70 AD., and yes this was the woman I took up with after my wife was killed, pointed me to a single line in Revelations, 2-114 to be exact. There in one single sentence that was written close to 2000 years ago was the exact description of god that I had seen.
There could be no doubt in my mind who had come to see me. Who was with me when we talked to Veronica, the reincarnation of my best friend Jonathan. We had come full circle and I had seen the face of God.
But the question still remained why.
The full story can be read in my book conversations with the dead, the secret of all things. The question why still remains to this day, unanswered.

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