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July 31, 2023, at 1:53 pm
Yesterday I turned 77. Contrary to some rumors I was actually born not just dropped to earth. When you reach my age people consider that an achievement of sorts, truthfully I do not. But for me it is a time to look back at the things i did and look at the decisions i made, some good, some could have been better, and some i would like to forget. But when all is said and done i would like to believe I did something of meaning. It is true that I have made a fair amount of law in the appellate and supreme courts and these cases will have bearing on cases to follow. But in reality that is all they are.
I wrote a non fiction book called “conversations with the dead the secret by of all things” that Amazon says is almost 5 stars. Could it have been better written by say an O’Riley or A Samuel Clemens, probably , but people who have read the book like it.
If I were to pull one thought out of that book it is that it gives us hope, and hope can change people, stop wars bring us inner peace and change the way we view each other. The book tells readers that we are not alone and that is true; and I guess that will have to do for this birthday.
As to those who wished me a happy birthday thank you. I wish you all a safe weekend and a peaceful one.
Thank you

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