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July 5, 2023, at 4:29 pm
Thought for the day.
Reincarnation has been a topic of discussion by many, including members in this group, you judge this story.
1953 years ago I was in Jerusalem spending my days killing Roman invaders. The second temple stood on the Temple Mount not the dome of the rock. My best friend and fellow warrior is also back. I can tell you our names back then and a lot more, but what makes the story really interesting is that we each have identical memories of a certain day in Jerusalem and what we both did that day. Our memories are exact to the smallest details, each of us can tell you exactly where everything was placed in an underground room and that is impossible unless we were both there together 1953 years ago.
I wrote a book called conversations with the dead the secret of all things that Amazon Carries, if you are interested you want the blue covered book, this one of the stories in the book.
From my perspective there is only one explanation for this phenomenon which has to be reincarnation.
The reason why we were reunited is an
Entirely different topic and a story unto itself.
To all have a safe holiday.

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